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Advocacy, expertise, and service for better pharmacy solutions.

The all-encompassing solution for pharmacy benefit management.

We'll manage every aspect of your client's pharmacy plans. Benefits include volume-purchasing discounts, a boutique service model with access to RxAssure, our in-house assistance center for members.


Insightful consulting at your service.

Let us consult on your pharmacy accounts. From PBM procurement to ongoing guidance, you’ll gain insights and strategies from industry-leading experts to keep you ahead of the benefit curve.


A flexible solution, tailored to each hospital’s unique needs.

RxBenefits’ Hospital Program provides best-in-class, consultative service tailored to each hospital’s unique needs, resulting in an aligned, hospital-centric relationship not found in the market today. The RxBenefits core model is uniquely positioned to support the distinct needs of the hospital market.



We bridge the gap to provide the services you need

Providing support beyond the traditional PBM approach for hospitals

The traditional PBM model doesn’t account for hospitals operating as both employers and providers, or for their owned resources, such as on-site retail and/or specialty pharmacies, group purchasing, 340B, or own-use pricing. We bridge the gap and tailor our flexible service offering to each hospital’s unique needs, optimizing hospital resources and traditional PBM capabilities.

Our Approach to Serving Hospitals and Health Systems

We are committed to providing a best-in-class, flexible service offering tailored to each hospital’s unique needs – optimizing health system resources and our PBM partners’ capabilities.

The RxBenefits core model is uniquely positioned to support the distinct needs of the hospital market.

  • Hospital Pharmacy Benefits Expertise: Provide consultative service for our hospital clients on best-in-class requirements
  • Hospital-Centric Contractual Relationships: Ability to establish an aligned, hospital-centric contractual relationship, in collaboration with our PBM partners
  • Concierge Service Model: Utilizing our existing service model, without modification, to execute on these contractual terms, while providing a unique experience not found in the market today

Our Hospital Solution

Our team works closely with clients to execute our concierge service model through the implementation of the following components.

  • Engage the physician community
  • Create channel-agnostic benefit design
  • Deliver hospital-tailored solutions
  • Dedicate teams to serve hospitals
  • Enhance site of care management