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What employers need to know about RxBenefits

At RxBenefits, we understand employers are naturally wary of changes that affect their employees, even when the proposition sounds appealing. So, we’ve put ourselves in your shoes to ask the tough questions.

Why should my company need RxBenefits?


We offer employers competitively priced and properly serviced pharmacy plans. Put us to work for you:

• On your behalf, we leverage the collective purchasing clout of our national client base to negotiate highly competitive pricing terms.

• Your company gains best-in-class, proprietary client and member services from a dedicated team of experienced pharmacy benefit experts.

• Your interests are protected. RxBenefits aggressively monitors, manages and analyzes your plan to optimize performance.

In summary, our “best of all worlds” approach delivers:

• A competitively priced pharmacy plan

• Strong plan management to optimize results by pharmacy experts

• Award-winning member service, assurance your members have what they need to manage their health and well-being

Why should my pharmacy contract be with RxBenefits?

RxBenefits leverages the collective size and strength of our client
base to negotiate rates and services for small to mid-sized companies
comparable to those that large employers receive.

Additionally, we provide a “boutique-style” client and member service model.
Put another way: You have your own account management team, member service line, reporting and analytical capabilities, billing and IT support. RxBenefits verifies adherence to contract terms and commitments. In working with us, you gain the valuable expertise of pharmacy benefit specialists and the peace of mind in knowing your plan is being expertly managed.

How does RxBenefit customer service differ from my current plan?

For questions or concerns, RxBenefits’ members call RxAssure, our in-house service division.

Unlike an impersonal call center, our department is staffed by friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives, eager to quickly and efficiently address a member’s question or concern. RxAssure continually earns high marks from happy and satisfied members.

How can my pharmacy plan reduce total health benefit cost?

The first step is to evaluate your pharmacy option: Carve in or carve out?

Insurance carriers use the prescription drug portion of a medical benefits package as a major profit center. By "carving-out" pharmacy benefits with a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) employers can save money without reducing benefits. Some of the advantages include:

• Real pharmacy program savings

• Innovative cost management strategies provided by experts focused solely on prescription benefit programs

• Flexible plan design including full integration on high deductible programs

• Access to meaningful data

• Center of desk approach to pharmacy benefit management

• Focused and highly effective specialty drug management

The second step is to address medication adherence. Consider this:


• 50% of a company’s employee population consists of individuals with chronic and/or complex illnesses, who account for 96% of an employer’s drug cost and 75% of total healthcare expenditures.

• Of the chronic and/or complex population, 25%  of chronic and/or complex do not take their medications as directed.

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A comprehensive, focused approach results in pharmacy management success.

Even areas of pharmacy spend with low utilization can drive a disproportional amount of cost. For example, while approximately 1% of members utilize specialty medications, these expensive drugs comprise 30% of healthcare costs. By partnering with a knowledgeable and agile pharmacy partner, such as RxBenefits, employers can leverage pharmacy benefits to achieve healthy cost and care outcomes.